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At GJM we’re committed to applying our experience and expertise in guiding your tax strategies, so they align with your business goals. Your approach to tax strategy is critical to business health and growth. GJM tax specialists work closely with your team to identify opportunities. 

GJM Tax Planning & Advisory Services include:

  • Proactive planning to ensure your tax strategy is working to increase profitability and cash flow
  • Ongoing monitoring of changing federal, state, and local tax incentives affecting your industry
  • A fresh, objective view of your company’s financial and tax situation, identifying tax savings others may have overlooked
  • IC-DISC advisory: Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) can bring significant and permanent tax savings to companies meeting certain income and export levels 
  • Cost segregation: A cost segregation study could identify potential savings for businesses that have recently built, purchased, or made capital improvements to any business real estate. These studies are completed by our independent specialists trained in engineering and construction as well as accounting and taxation
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