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Of the three different reporting standards of the financial statements GJM prepares for dental practices, the audit represents the highest level of assurance. The audit achieves a level of assurance that financial statements are presented fairly and are free of material misstatement and provide an opinion based on this information. The goal of every audit GJM performs is to carefully and accurately examine the financial position of your business or organization and provide an objective opinion that is based on current professional standards and all laws and regulations.


Financial statements that are reviewed provide clients with an opinion that reflects limited assurance, or a "level of comfort" that, based on our accountant's analytical procedures and inquiries, he or she is not aware of material modifications that should be made to conform with the financial reporting framework. While a review may take into account an understanding of the dental services industry it may not incorporate testing of accounting records, an assessment of the client company's fraud risk or examination of internal controls. 


Because compilation statements use the company or organization's existing records, they are the lowest level of assurance and are normally used by management to analyze performance or financial position. There is no official opinion expressed by the accountant in preparing a compilation statement for dental practices.

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