Welcome to GJM, Dana!

Dana Herr recently joined Gilmore Jasion Mahler as a Senior Audit Associate. Here’s a chance to get to know her a bit. Welcome on board, Dana!

Describe your role at GJM: I will work on various audits with an interest in the not-for-profit/governmental sector.

When did you start at GJM? April 30, 2018

Why did you choose the accounting industry? I took an accounting class in high school. My teacher thought I would do well in accounting. I originally had aspirations to be a physical therapist. I did an observation internship and decided I didn’t like it, so I went the accounting route. Once I began getting involved in various organizations in school, particularly Beta Alpha Psi, I knew accounting was a good fit.

What do you like best about accounting? I love the client relationships and interactions. I enjoy the fast paced, always something new to learn environment. I enjoy learning about the various clients and industries in which our client’s businesses are a part of.

Are you from the Toledo area originally? Originally from Swanton, OH, went to Swanton High School.

What do you like about living in Northwest Ohio? Northwest Ohio is where my family is from. Both of my parents grew up in the area (mom- Swanton, Dad- Oregon). After moving to Wisconsin my freshman year in college, I knew I wanted to be close to family in the long run. You get the best of both worlds. Downtown is close where you can go and enjoy festivities similar to a bigger city while still being able to live in the country/suburb area. Close knit community. Many groups are very supportive of each other. The other great thing about NWO is it is close to many cities and they can be traveled to easily (within reasonable distance). I have always been a small town person. Love having all 4 seasons, even in the same week!

Where did you go to college? Freshman year I went to the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh. I was on their gymnastics team. Sophomore year, transferred to BGSU and was on their varsity gymnastics team for 1 year. Graduated undergrad 2014, graduated with my masters 2015 from BGSU as well.

Do you have any pets, hobbies, family? I did gymnastics for 15 years in the area, did 2 years in college. I coached at a local gym for many years. Now, I am involved by judging at local competitions in the area. I love still being able to be involved with the sport I love! I have 2 sisters. All of our names start with the letter D (Dana, Danielle, and Deanna). My mom was one of 4 girls as well (Heather (my mom), Hannah, Holly, Hillary). My parents have a Yorkie Poo named Bella. She is 9 years old. My fiancé’s name is Brent Lumbrezer (soon to be last name). He also grew up in Swanton. We met in high school.

How do you like to spend your free time? Currently, most of my free time is spent planning my wedding (October 20, 2018). We are looking to buy a house this summer. I am finishing studying for my last CPA Exam (taking in June). I enjoy playing golf, running (short distances, 5ks are my preference), spending time with my family/friends. For vacations, my fiancé and I enjoy visiting family that live further away. When traveling, I enjoy going to local wineries and doing tastings/tours of the facilities. Same thing for local breweries (my fiancé’s preference). We also enjoy going to Oak Openings for runs and bike rides.

Are you involved in any community organizations, do any volunteer work? I enjoy volunteering & giving back to the community. I’ve been participating in 5k runs for various organizations. My goal one day is to put together a 5k run for a cause that I am passionate about. With my previous employer, we participated in the Toys for Tots Drive through the Salvation Army. We had an internal competition to raise money, bought the toys, and then were able to assist at the distribution day the past few years. Such a rewarding experience! We also participated in various Junior Achievement events, particularly JA in a Day. That was a fun program. I would love to get involved with the various community service events GJM takes part in, particularly the honor flight! I enjoy going back to campus/high school whenever possible! Whether that be through community service or recruiting events. I love to give back to my alma maters.

What is something people may be surprised to find out about you? Fun Fact: I have biked down Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, CO (14er (14000 ft. above sea level) as they would refer to in Colorado). Other facts: I enjoy watching football. Sometimes I enjoy watching the Swanton Bulldogs on Friday night. Then my Falcons and Buckeyes on Saturday, and watching the Packers on Sunday.Pick ‘em Football fantasy leagues are fun to be involved with. I don’t know a lot of names but I love the sporting event atmosphere (pretty much regardless the sport)!I was in the color guard in high school and played a musical instrument, oboe.

Anything else you’d like to add? Everyone has been so wonderful by making me feel welcomed to the GJM family. I appreciate the open invitation into the family. I look forward to taking this next step in my career with GJM!

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