Q&A With Partner and Tax Specialist Steve Schult

Q: Why did you decide to become a CPA?  I started out at Ohio State in the College of Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics (an area that was recommended to get into Veterinary School at the time).  I liked the agriculture and accounting classes I took, but hated the chemistry classes required for vet school.   I was advised that majoring in accounting would be a good background for any career in business, so that is the path I took.

Q: What do you think is most gratifying about your work?  Being a trusted advisor to my clients relating to business and tax issues.  The strong personal relationships I’ve developed with clients and their entire family is also very gratifying.

 Q: How long have you been with the Firm?  16+ Years

Q: What do you like best about working at GJM?  I know it sounds cliché, but it is the people.  We have a great management group that brings very complementary strengths to the organization.  We try to make it a fun atmosphere for people to work, but also know how to get work done in a very deadline driven business.  We are also hiring the best and brightest out of the local colleges – and it is exciting to see their technology skills (which are far superior to mine) and the renewed energy they bring to Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD.  It helps keep me young (at heart).  

Q: What community organizations or events are you involved in? I have been the past president of both The Ohio State Alumni Club of Lucas County and The Rotary Club of Waterville.  I have been the Treasurer for The City of Waterville (appointed by City Council) since 2004 and am a board member for The Waterville Community Foundation.  I am involved with the Waterville organizations as my wife and I have lived in Waterville for the past 22 years and it is a fantastic community. I am currently on the board at The Victory Center, an organization that supports the emotional needs of both people fighting cancer and their families.  I am involved with this board because my wife is a breast cancer survivor, and many people in the GJM office are also cancer survivors.

Q: How do you like to spend your spare time? My wife and I are big Detroit Tigers fans and go to about 25 games a year at Comerica Park in Detroit.  I am also a member at Rockwell Springs Trout Club near Castalia, Ohio and enjoy fly fishing there (and taking clients for a unique experience - as most have never gone fly fishing).  I also enjoy downhill and cross country skiing.

Q: Any stories or anecdotes that you think help to convey “who you are?”  “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!”  “Attitude is Everything!”  “Optimism is Moral Courage!”

Q: What is something people may be surprised to find out about you?  I went to school for a summer in Oxford, England,  I rode my bike from Toledo to the Montreal Olympics and back in 1976, and I have climbed Mount Rainier in Washington with a guided climbing team.

Steve works with a variety of clients including those in manufacturing and healthcare. Learn more about Steve’s expertise.

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