Q&A With GJM’s Mike Flory

GJM is pleased to welcome Mike Flory to the team. Mike is a senior associate in risk consulting with GJM who joined the firm in late June. Here’s a chance to get to know him a little better. Welcome to the team, Mike!   

Describe your role at GJM: I will be performing Internal Audit work over IT general control, application control, and key report testing. I will also be getting involved in researching and developing new programs at GJM like analytics and automation, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery.  

Why did you choose the accounting industry? I choose the accounting industry partially because of my parents, but also because I found my accounting classes easy in college and enjoyed my first internship in accounting with ZF.

What do you like best about accounting? I really enjoy the money side of accounting and that accounting is really the language of how a business runs. I also like that you do not have to be super creative to be an accountant.

Are you from the Toledo area originally? If not, where are you from? I am from Canton, Michigan (where the Ikea store is).

What do you like about living in Northwest Ohio? I actually still live in Southeastern Michigan. I like all of the restaurants, entertainment (sports teams, bowling, axe throwing, golf, etc. in the area, and closeness to family and friends.

Anything you’d like to share about your past professional experience? I started my career as a risk advisory associate with a “big four” firm. I worked there for just under two years before I made the move to GJM.

Do you have any pets, hobbies, family you’d like to tell us about? I have three younger sisters and a black lab named Simon. My hobby is to get out and explore some new places either in Michigan or in new states.

How do you like to spend your free time? I have many activities that I enjoy in my free time including attending and watching sporting events, playing Xbox (MLB, NHL, Call of Duty), golfing, playing pickup basketball/baseball/football, cooking, listening to podcasts and spending time with my friends.

Are you involved in any community organizations, do any volunteer work? Is there a particular cause you feel strongly about? If so, why? I am not currently involved in volunteer work. But I would love to be a coach on my former high school football team and get involved in the Michigan Humane Society, because I love dogs and kittens!

Favorite song or music? I listen to a solid mix of music including multiple genres: hip-hop, pop, classic rock, alternative and a little metal. I really enjoy most music except country.

Favorite book or movie? Favorite books are the Harry Potter series. Favorite movies are anything Marvel.

What is something people may be surprised to find out about you? I was born in California and lived there 4.5 years.

Anything else you’d like to add? I am excited to join the GJM family, and to further develop my professional career!

Welcome, Mike!

Established in 1996, Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD (GJM) is the largest public accounting firm in Northwest Ohio, with offices in Maumee and Findlay. Locally owned, GJM offers cloud-based accounting and provides comprehensive services including assurance, business advisory, tax, risk advisory, healthcare management and outsourced accounting. The firm’s professionals specialize in industries including construction & real estate, healthcare, manufacturing & distribution and utilities.

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