GJM’s Charlie Heid Summarizes Presidential Tax Plans

GJM Tax Partner Charlie Heid recently appeared on WTOL/Fox Toledo News with a look at the tax plans outlined by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates recently updated their plans during speeches outlining their economic platforms. The summary looks at key components to each plan, including individual taxes, corporate taxes and capital gains.

Individual Income Tax Rates


10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35%, 39.6


Clinton Plan:

Keep these, but add 43.6% bracket for those with income above $5M

Keep ACA (3.8% surtax)


Trump Plan:

12%, 25%, 33%

Repeal ACA


Capital Gains/Qualified Dividends:

Current: 0-20% (depending on tax bracket)


Clinton Plan:



Trump Plan:

No mention of any changes


Estate Tax Rate

Current: 40%, $5.45M exclusion


Clinton Plan:

45%, $3.5M exclusion


Trump Plan:



Corporate Tax Rate:

Current: tops out at 35%


Clinton Plan: no mention of any changes


Trump Plan: 15%


Charlie Heid specializes in tax, serving clients across many industries. He heads up the Gilmore Jasion Mahler Manufacturing Specialist group as lead tax partner. Charlie appears monthly on Fox Toledo News, sharing tax and money information with the station’s viewers.

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