Gilmore Jasion Mahler’s Adele Jasion Receives Award

Adele Jasion PMP Pals Award Gilmore Jasion MahlerA heartfelt congratulations to Gilmore Jasion Mahler Audit Partner Adele Jasion, who was recently awarded the Gabriella Graham award for her advocacy on behalf of patients diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei or PMP, a rare cancer that originates in the appendix.

A six year survivor, Adele is the treasurer for PMP Pals, a global volunteer-run organization offering hope to those fighting this rare cancer. She is also a board member for the organization and handles emails and phone calls from new patients and their families who are often reeling from a recent diagnosis.Adele Jasion receives award

“When patients and caregivers contact PMP Pals, Adele's is the first voice they hear… She is able to share her experience, match patients with others who can guide them through this difficult journey, and most importantly, give them hope,” says PMP Pals President and survivor Chris Piekarski.

Piekarski says the award was named for PMP Pals founder Gabriella Graham, who passed away in 2014. He says the award was created by The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to honor advocates who fight tirelessly for patients as Gabriella did.

Adele received the award at last week’s 13th annual International Symposium on Regional Cancer Therapies, where surgical oncologists share knowledge on pioneering/breakthrough treatments for specific regions of the body, like the abdomen and chest.

Hundreds of physicians from around the world attended the gathering, which was presented by the Society of Surgical Oncology in Jacksonville, Florida. PMP Pals volunteers and board members were also in attendance, including Adele, who was surprised with the award which was presented by Dr. Laura Lambert of the Huntsman Cancer Institute at The University of Utah.

Adele Jasion PMP Pals Award Gilmore Jasion Mahler“Gabriella Graham gave me hope and inspiration in fighting such a rare cancer,” says Adele.  “I benefitted greatly from her efforts and was determined to make sure her legacy continued. It is my privilege to try to provide that same hope and inspiration to other patients. I am honored to receive this award.”

While Adele may have been surprised by the recognition, Piekarski says the rest of the PMP Pals board wasn’t surprised at all. “We're just glad her efforts have been recognized.”

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