Emily Beebe Comes On Board with GJM

Emily Beebe GJMEmily Beebe has joined the GJM audit team as an associate. Here’s an introduction in the form of a Q&A. Welcome, Emily!

Describe your role at GJM: So far, I’ve spent my time at GJM learning auditing basics and the common tasks I’ll be completing. I’m looking forward to working with clients directly in the future.

When did you start working at GJM? September 16, 2019.

Why did you choose the accounting industry? I was originally majoring in psychology and found myself taking a required accounting course – it “clicked” so much better for me and I changed my major. The rest fell into place!

Why did you specifically decide that GJM was a good fit for you? I knew I wanted to get involved with auditing but didn’t have an interest in the Big 4 firms. GJM, being a smaller but still reputable firm, is perfect for me.

Are you from the Toledo area originally? If not, where are you from? I’m not from the Toledo area – I’m from mid-Ohio, near Bucyrus/New Washington.

What do you like about living in Northwest Ohio? I like living in Northwest Ohio because I can stay close to my family while also pursuing opportunities that aren’t available in rural mid-Ohio.

Where did you go to school? I went to school at Heidelberg University in Tiffin for my undergrad, and BGSU for my Master of Accountancy.   

How do you like to spend your free time? I like to spend my free time outdoors and enjoy hiking and spending time with pets. I’m not very athletic and am not involved in sports but like to stay active anyway.

Are you involved in any community organizations, do any volunteer work? Is there a particular cause you feel strongly about? If so, why? I’m passionate about pets and animals and am interested in volunteering for local shelters. My family has adopted almost exclusively shelter pets in the past, and they are always such wonderful animals that deserve a loving home.

Favorite song or music? I’m a fan of country music – it seems I’m not alone at GJM!

Favorite book or movie? I’m pretty open with books and movies and will enjoy almost anything, except scary/horror movies which I can’t handle!

What is something people may be surprised to find out about you? Someone might be surprised to learn that I’ve done some website design in the past and know a bit of coding. 

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