Dress For Your Day: GJM Updates Dress Code

Wait wait wait…you’re telling me, as an accountant, I can come to the office in jeans? Yes! That is exactly what GJM has rolled out- a “Dress-For-Your-Day” policy, effective this month. As a millennial in the workforce, especially considering our industry, this came as a big shocker. What an awesome concept; my firm trusts me to dress myself.  An excerpt from our new policy states, ““We…believe that we can trust our people to use professional judgement in deciding how to dress for their day.” Now obviously this policy has different implications depending on your role in the firm and where you spend a majority of your time, but the added flexibility is yet another confirmation that GJM is committed to their people and takes into consideration the evolution of the modern-day workforce.

Here’s what our employees have to say about the change:

“It makes us more approachable.”

“Getting dressed is easier in the morning, and it’s nice to put that excess focus on my productivity.”

“While our dress policy has become more lenient, our work has not; it’s just fun to see everyone expressing themselves at work.”

“We’re professionals, and we’re still going to work professionally, so it doesn’t make much difference to me.”

Just when I thought GJM could not be a better place to work, they strike again! Reasons why I believe the new dress policy is an overall win? We’re adaptive. The firm takes note of social changes in the industry and stays on top by perpetually evolving. Second- as I referenced earlier, I’m a millennial. Flexibility, work/life harmony, socially conscious environments, (I could go on and on) are all concepts that my peers and I value; the option for casual attire goes hand-in-hand with overall flexibility. A full-time hire that started this week literally just said, “I’m ecstatic.” when asked about the change.

Considering the efforts GJM has put forth thus far into being the best place to work, I cannot wait to experience how we continue to progress.

Lauren Webber is a Senior Associate with Gilmore Jasion Mahler.

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