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World War II Veteran Reflects on Honor Flight and War Service

Norm Heydinger Gilmore Jasion MahlerToledoan Norm Heydinger is really good with dates. He knows where he was and what he was doing over seventy years ago. He talks about it like it was yesterday. Then again… what Norm was experiencing at that time isn’t the kind of stuff you forget. World War II was underway and Norm would soon be a long way from his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.


In January of 1944 Norm says he found himself in the middle of the South Pacific on the Navy ship Aquarius. He says he was an Ensign fresh out of the Coast Guard Academy where he studied enemy planes intensely so he would know with one glance if the enemy was approaching by air.

Norm’s job on that ship was not only to watch for enemy aircraft, but also to help bring U.S. Marines in to shore for invasions. He says he did so for about half a dozen invasions in the South Pacific. He says his first invasion was in the Marshall Islands and his last invasion was Okinawa… a date he remembers very clearly: October 1, 1945.

Only in his early twenties while in the South Pacific, Norm says he was on the main ship and they’d launch about a dozen landing craft that would hit the shore, deploying Marines. Then they would come back on board with the injured.   

“The hallways of the ship would be filled with guys lying there with injuries waiting for the doctor to help them,” he says. Norm remembers with all those injured, there was only one doctor on the ship. Other shocking images are still very vivid for him after all these years.

“I remember Kamakazis flying all over, smashing into the sea, trying to hit ships… It becomes a part of you,” he says of those experiences.

Norm Heydinger and brother Guadalcanal WWIIAnother experience has stayed with Norm through the years, but this is a happy memory. It was an unanticipated family reunion of sorts in 1944, right in the middle of the war. Norm says his brother Edward was serving in the Air Force and it just so happened that they were both at Guadalcanal, an island in the South Pacific that had seen intense fighting earlier in the war. Norm says when he got wind that Edward was so nearby, he managed to find him and they spent the day together. A picture from that day is still on the Heydinger refrigerator. Norm says Edward settled in Findlay after the war and was with Marathon Oil for many years as an economist.   

May 8, 1945

Norm says he left the Aquarius on May 8, 1945, another date very clear in his memory. It was V-E day, or Victory in Europe Day… which marks the formal acceptance by the World War II Allies of Nazi Germany’s surrender, though the war was far from over. Norm says he flew home to the US for a 30 day leave and was supposed to go back to the ship, with plans to go to Okinawa, but says instead he was transferred to shore. He called it the happiest day of his life. But, after spending the summer of 1945 in the states, he was shipped back to the Pacific on a Coast Guard cutter, the USS Gladwin. Named for a city in Pennsylvania, Norm says he’s always wanted to go there to visit.

On the Gladwin Norm says his duty was in the North Pacific in Alaska for rescue and plane guard service. From there he says he went back to the west coast to San Francisco and left the Coast Guard in April of 1946.

Norm and Dorothy Heydinger Flag City Honor FlightTwo years later he met the love of his life and then another important date: June 24, 1950, when he and Dorothy were married. Norm says they just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary and have four children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

While many veterans prefer to leave memories of their wartime service in the past, Norm says he enjoys reliving it. He says he feels very fortunate and while he had some horrible experiences, he also had some wonderful experiences. He says shipmates became good friends, and he even had an opportunity to spend some time in Hawaii.

“I certainly have been blessed,” he says. “All of my classmates from college, buddies from the Coast Guard, Miami University classmates – they’re all dead. I’ve been fortunate.”

June 5, 2018

74 years after Norm shipped out to the South Pacific during World War II, came another date he will surely never forget. This past June 5th he was one of 76 veterans to travel with Flag City Honor Flight to Washington D.C. Seventeen of the veterans on board, including Norm, were World War II veterans.   

“We know there are many more veterans out there like Norm who have yet to see the memorials,” says Flag City Honor Flight Executive Director Deb Wickerham. “We serve veterans from Findlay, the Toledo area, across the state and beyond. We need to continue to get the word out to area families that they have access to Honor Flight. They all deserve this one last tour of duty with honor.”

Norm Heydinger Honor Flight HomecomingNorm’s son Peter was his guardian for the day, accompanying his father to the memorials. It was the first time Norm had ever seen the World War II memorial. He says one of the most impressive experiences on the trip was to see the Changing of the Guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Another memorable moment: the reception and homecoming celebration back at the airplane hangar in Toledo. Bad weather delayed the flight’s return a bit, but a large crowd was still waiting. Dorothy and other family members joined hundreds of others who formed a line to welcome the veterans into the hangar.

“I felt like Jesus walking into Jerusalem… I’ll never forget that. Never.”

The capper for Norm: local Boy Scouts handed him a bag full of gifts. Children had written him letters. “Truly amazing,” he says. He saved all the letters, notes and cards.

Norm Heydinger letters and cardsYes, Norm Heydinger has been blessed. He was given an Honor Flight over seven decades after his military service. In fact, at 97 years old, he was the oldest veteran on the flight. He was able to walk the entire day in Washington with his own son and arrive home to a hero’s welcome, and, of course, to his Dorothy.

Flag City Honor Flight operates two flights a year. The next flight is October 2, 2018. The nonprofit organization is run completely by volunteers and is funded solely through donations. Flag City Honor Flight is always in need of sponsors to help pay the way for veterans like Norm. Learn more about how to help at flagcityhonorflight.org.

Gilmore Jasion Mahler is a proud supporter of Flag City Honor Flight, donating proceeds from a special fundraiser to help pay the way for more veterans like Norm to make the trip. The firm’s 2017 event Carnevale raised enough money to pay for an entire flight and then some. The next event, called Wanderlust will be November 1, 2019.

Established in 1996, Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD (GJM) is the largest public accounting firm in Northwest Ohio, with offices in Maumee and Findlay. Locally owned, GJM offers cloud-based accounting services and provides comprehensive services including assurance, business advisory, tax, risk advisory and healthcare management. The Firm’s professionals specialize in industries including construction & real estate, healthcare, manufacturing & distribution and utilities.

Note: Flight photography courtesy of Flag City Honor Flight photographer Kelly Waird.

GJM Goes Over the Edge to Support The Victory Center

Toledo Edison Building Rappel Gilmore Jasion MahlerGilmore Jasion Mahler (GJM) is upping its game this year in support of The Victory Center’s Over the Edge fundraiser. The firm has a team of people, including Managing Partner Kevin Gilmore, who will rappel down the façade of the Toledo Edison building in downtown Toledo to raise money for The Victory Center’s cancer support services.

GJM tax associates Hannah Nowak and Mackenzie Gross and Mackenzie’s husband Justin were among the first to sign up to rappel.

“Since my mom’s a breast cancer survivor, and Justin lost two grandparents to cancer, we’re both happy to raise money for the cause,” she says.

Kevin Gilmore agreed to rappel as well, but only if Firm Administrator Itzel Krauss would sign up too. Itzel, who is a breast cancer survivor, rappelled last year dressed as Wonder Woman. She was one of the top two fundraisers, bringing in close to $7,500 in donations from her family, friends and other supporters.

Itzel Krauss Rappel Gilmore Jasion MahlerParticipants need to each raise over $1,000 to earn a spot to rappel. The GJM team has raised enough money to secure a spot for each rappeler, but hopes to raise significantly more money in the days and weeks to come.

“We have a friendly challenge going on to see who on our team can get the most donations. If there’s one thing we don’t shy away from at GJM it’s a challenge,” says Hannah Nowak.

The Victory Center offers support services to people affected by cancer and their families. Services include support groups, massage therapy, yoga, facials and counseling. All services are free, supported solely through donations and fundraisers. The nonprofit hopes to raise $165 thousand dollars with this year’s Over the Edge fundraiser.

Rappel Gilmore Jasion Mahler Kevin GilmoreGJM’s support will be evident long after Over the Edge is done. Mackenzie has just joined the Victory Center board as the treasurer, following in the footsteps of GJM Partner Steve Schult and Itzel, who have each served as treasurer. Itzel is currently board vice president and will soon take over as board president.

“We support so many important causes at GJM. This one hits especially close to home for me, and for so many of us. The Victory Center’s services were there for me when I needed them. It feels good to do what we can to make sure these services are there for others when they need them too.”

Our rappelers have given the thumbs up. They're ready to raise some serious money to help those impacted by cancer. If you'd like to support them, you can easily donate online to any GJM rappel team members. Be sure to come join the crowd cheering them on as they go Over the Edge for Victory on September 7 from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Toledo Edison building at 300 Madison Avenue.

You can learn more about Over the Edge at ote4victory.org and more about The Victory Center’s programs and services at thevictorycenter.org.

Established in 1996, Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD (GJM) is the largest public accounting firm in Northwest Ohio, with offices in Maumee and Findlay. Locally owned, GJM offers cloud-based accounting services and provides comprehensive services including assurance, business advisory, tax, risk advisory and healthcare management. The Firm’s professionals specialize in industries including construction & real estate, healthcare, manufacturing & distribution and utilities.

Another Successful Honor Flight

Flag City Honor Flight homecomingJune 5th was a very long day for dozens of area veterans. It was also a day they will most likely never forget. 76 of them boarded a plane and traveled to Washington, D.C. to see the memorials built in their honor. It was the 13th mission for Flag City Honor Flight. Gilmore Jasion Mahler is a proud supporter of Flag City Honor Flight. Our firm’s special event Carnevale 2017 helped to pay for the June flight. Flag City Honor Flight Homecoming, Gilmore Jasion MahlerWe also helped out with the welcome home celebration. Some of our team was there to cheer as the veterans arrived home. We also handed out American flags and posters to the crowd gathered for the homecoming. We hope you enjoy a couple of pictures from flight day, and encourage you to see all of the Flag City Honor Flight photos from the June 5 flight in their online portfolio. Don't forget to mark your calendar for the next flight on October 2, so you can help give our heroes the welcome home they deserve.

Established in 1996, Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD (GJM) is the largest public accounting firm in Northwest Ohio, with offices in Maumee and Findlay. Locally owned, GJM offers cloud-based accounting services and provides comprehensive services including assurance, business advisory, tax, risk advisory and healthcare management. The Firm's professionals specialize in industries including construction & real estate, healthcare, manufacturing & distribution and utilities.

Gilmore Jasion Mahler’s Adele Jasion Receives Award

Adele Jasion PMP Pals Award Gilmore Jasion MahlerA heartfelt congratulations to Gilmore Jasion Mahler Audit Partner Adele Jasion, who was recently awarded the Gabriella Graham award for her advocacy on behalf of patients diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei or PMP, a rare cancer that originates in the appendix.

A six year survivor, Adele is the treasurer for PMP Pals, a global volunteer-run organization offering hope to those fighting this rare cancer. She is also a board member for the organization and handles emails and phone calls from new patients and their families who are often reeling from a recent diagnosis.Adele Jasion receives award

“When patients and caregivers contact PMP Pals, Adele's is the first voice they hear… She is able to share her experience, match patients with others who can guide them through this difficult journey, and most importantly, give them hope,” says PMP Pals President and survivor Chris Piekarski.

Piekarski says the award was named for PMP Pals founder Gabriella Graham, who passed away in 2014. He says the award was created by The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to honor advocates who fight tirelessly for patients as Gabriella did.

Adele received the award at last week’s 13th annual International Symposium on Regional Cancer Therapies, where surgical oncologists share knowledge on pioneering/breakthrough treatments for specific regions of the body, like the abdomen and chest.

Hundreds of physicians from around the world attended the gathering, which was presented by the Society of Surgical Oncology in Jacksonville, Florida. PMP Pals volunteers and board members were also in attendance, including Adele, who was surprised with the award which was presented by Dr. Laura Lambert of the Huntsman Cancer Institute at The University of Utah.

Adele Jasion PMP Pals Award Gilmore Jasion Mahler“Gabriella Graham gave me hope and inspiration in fighting such a rare cancer,” says Adele.  “I benefitted greatly from her efforts and was determined to make sure her legacy continued. It is my privilege to try to provide that same hope and inspiration to other patients. I am honored to receive this award.”

While Adele may have been surprised by the recognition, Piekarski says the rest of the PMP Pals board wasn’t surprised at all. “We're just glad her efforts have been recognized.”

Home office deduction 101

If your use of a home office is for your employer’s benefit or because you’re self employed, you may be able to deduct a portion of your mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, utilities and certain other expenses, as well as the depreciation allocable to the office space. Or you may be able to take the new, simpler, “safe harbor” deduction.

Beginning with 2013 tax returns, taxpayers can use the safe harbor deduction in lieu of calculating, allocating and substantiating actual expenses. Other rules — such as the requirement that the office be used regularly and exclusively for business — still apply. The safe harbor deduction is capped at $1,500 per year, based on $5 per square foot up to a maximum of 300 square feet. Also be aware that, for employees, home office expenses are a miscellaneous itemized deduction. This means you’ll enjoy a tax benefit only if these expenses plus your other miscellaneous itemized expenses exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). If, however, you’re self-employed, you can deduct eligible home office expenses against your self-employment income. Questions about deducting home office expenses? Contact us; we’d be pleased to answer them.